DAILY NEWS photos by Susan Lockhart
Beginning swimmers were getting lessons for a lifetime of safety, a lifetime of fun at Worland Aquatic Center, Wednesday. Above, swim teacher Saydria Russell has the preschoolers practice kicking up some surf. From left are Ella Decker, Macklin Ball, Isabella DeWitt, Russell, Hazel Jane Martinson, Kobe Bradshaw and Anyston Keller. At left, Russell has Isabella DeWitt turn from her tummy to her back to float for a minute. The next session of lessons begins Aug. 4, with space available in all time slots and ages. For more information about lessons contact the pool at 347-3455.

Weekly meetings on Ten
Sleep project start today

TEN SLEEP – Weekly public meetings open to everyone begin at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 22, concerning the $11.14 million highway improvement project through Ten Sleep and west of the Washakie County town.
Until weather changes, the weekly work progress meetings will be held in Ten Sleep’s Vista Park on the east end of town.
Attendance at the weekly working meetings involves the prime contractor, Wyoming Department of Transportation and Town of Ten Sleep officials, and interested citizens.
Prime contractor for the Ten Sleep West project is Oftedal Construction, Inc.
“The contractor is working on storm sewer along Cottonwood Street and the storm sewer concrete headwall where future storm water will flow into Ten Sleep Creek,” said WYDOT resident engineer Dan McAfee of Worland. “Cottonwood Street storm sewer work includes installation of a storm sewer outfall while maintaining existing one-way traffic,” McAfee said.
By contract, work on Cottonwood Street (Wyoming 434) was allowed beginning July 15, and all work is required to be completed on Cottonwood Street, including asphalt paving, by Aug. 31.
The contractor is not allowed to work on the urban section of the project through Ten Sleep until after Aug. 10, and this work through Ten Sleep is required to be complete by July 1, 2015. Working hours in the urban part of this project are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
“Bridge rehabilitation work on Washakie County structure FML -- the old truss bridge west of Ten Sleep on the old highway -- is allowed between July 15 and Aug. 31 to accommodate livestock drives,” McAfee said.
The Ten Sleep West project consists of grading, draining, milling asphalt, removal and replacement of sidewalk, curb and gutter in the Town of Ten Sleep, placing crushed gravel base and gravel pit run subbase, asphalt paving, a bridge replacement, electrical systems, guardrail, fencing and other work on 3.1 miles of U.S. 16 beginning at milepost 23.74 between Worland and Ten Sleep.

DAILY NEWS photo by Susan Lockhart
Saydria Russell counts to five as Kobe Bradshaw floats in her arms during swim lessons at Worland Aquatic Center. A new session of swim lessons begins Aug. 4 and runs through the 14th.

Sales tax group looks to
combat bad information

By Jeanette Johnson
Staff Writer

WORLAND – Plans continue on getting information to present to the voters on convincing people keeping the tax at five cents is good for Washakie County.
The tax marking committee unanimously agreed by motion to have Lisa Beamer and Frank Bowers proceed with ordering 750 brochures that can be handed out during the Washakie County Fair and Nowoodstock.
“I don’t want to miss the message we’re staying at five cents,” Bowers said.
Chairman Lee Lockhart said that’s the biggest obstacle the committee is facing – the tax will remain at five cents. He hopes they are able to make that message clear by November.
Jack Haggerty brought up the fact that Wyoming has a four cents tax which is distributed around the state.
“It’s the fifth cent that comes back to Worland,” he said.
The representatives of the entities were reminded to get the information they want on the brochures to Secretary Steve Hunt so it can be turned over to Gard Ferguson at Serlkay to compile the blurbs in the brochures, get it proofed and start the printing process in time for the marketing venues.
A motion passed to purchase five county fair buttons so they can get on the grounds during the event. Another motion passed to purchase candy to hand out. People will have the opportunity to participate in guessing how many pennies are in a container and win a prize.
The marketing committee will meet again on Monday, Aug. 4 at 1 p.m. at the Worland Community Center Complex.

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Wyoming Trivia

State Nickname: Equality State, Cowboy State

State Flower: Indian Paintbrush

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

State Tree: Cottonwood

State Gemstone: Jade

State Mammal: Bison

State Fish: Cutthroat Trout

State Reptile: Horned Toad

State Dinosaur: Triceratops

State Sport: Rodeo

State Coin: Sacajawea Golden Dollar Coin

State Grass: Western Wheatgrass

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Date of Statehood: July 10, 1890

State #: 44

State name is from a Delaware Indian word meaning "mountains and valleys alternating"

First National Park: Yellowstone 1872

First National Monument: Devil's Tower 1906

First state to give women the right to vote

First National Forest: Shoshone National Forest

First state to have a country public library system

First state to have a woman governor Nellie Tayloe Ross 1925

First artificially lit evening football game in Midwest 1925

First town in nation to be governed entirely by women: Jackson 1920 to 1921

First business west of the Missouri River: Trading post at Fort William


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